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  4. best part of the movie

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    when ur going to the mall

    and u actually have money


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  6. "You punish yourself for being yourself."
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    omg hahah

    This was at the Michigan concert lol

    LMAAAO, she forreal started recording them

    she is one of us.


    1. while eating food: hell yassss ne regrats i feel alive nobody can stop me now
    2. the aftermath: shit im so fat why did i have to do that why can't just fucking say no god what's wrong with me, etc.
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    Glow In The Dark Green Uranium Glass Drinkwear

    This glasswear set from the 1930s includes two tea / coffee cups, and two candy dishes. All of these pieces are crafted out of uranium glass, which glows a bright green color in the dark. Sold on Etsy.